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Events,workshops and webinars

We work to increase opportunities for companies to interact with researchers from the University – a conversation can often spark new innovative ideas.
Throughout the year we organise a wide range of workshops, events and activities for companies can find out more about the latest research from the University.

Events and webinars for Industry

Science for Sustainability

Scientific advances can help your business become more sustainable and innovative, and develop resilience for future growth.

First broadcast: December 2020 – May 2021


Discover how Fintech experts are using data analytic capabilities and new technology to develop a range of propositions, enabling businesses to transform processes and models in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

First broadcast: July – August 2020

Advanced Manufacturing

Advanced manufacturing has the potential to help firms recover from the Covid-19 pandemic and protect them from future risk by transforming productivity, agility and resilience.

First broadcast: June – July 2020

Events for Staff

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BBSRC Breakthrough Programme Series

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Studentships and secondments Edinburgh Innovations

IP training resources

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for staff and students with an interest in IP.

Events for Students

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Entrepreneurs' students working on a project

Edinburgh Innovations has launched the Data-Driven Entrepreneurship (DDE) Beacon Programme, funded by the Scottish Funding Council via Data-Driven Innovation.

 We are looking for entrepreneurial businesses, students and staff from the University and beyond who want to make a real-world impact in 2021. Could this be you? 

The University of Edinburgh and Edinburgh Innovations are hosting a series of programmes to advance data-driven entrepreneurship and support a recovering society. These activities offer huge opportunities to innovative and for entrepreneurial businesses, students, staff at the University and beyond to develop their ideas, build skills, scale up and connect their ideas to the world.

Edinburgh Innovations is delivering 12 opportunities between now and July 2021, ranging from online courses to grants and a startup incubator.

Timeline showcasing activities for the DDE programme