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Genotype to Phenotype

Discover the University of Edinburgh’s leading biological expertise and facilities to help you develop innovative ideas and deliver solutions to the world’s greatest scientific challenges.

Edinburgh Innovations is the University of Edinburgh’s commercialisation service. We bring University of Edinburgh research to industry, working to identify ideas with value, and facilitating the process of bringing them to life in real-world applications.

We make ideas work for a better world.

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Genome Foundry

State-of-the-art laboratories and analytical facilities to support your project all the way from genotype to phenotype

We will work together with you, part-funded by our Business Interaction Vouchers, opening the doors to the University of Edinburgh’s academic researchers, technicians, partners and world-leading biological research facilities.

Interested in knowledge exchange and ensuring our next generation of scientific leaders are skilled entrepreneurs with commercial awareness?

BBSRC Engineering Biology Flexible Talent Mobility Award
Shared with the John Innes Centre, the University of Manchester, the University of York and the University of Bristol.

The EngBio FTMA+ will consolidate and grow the UK strengths in Engineering Biology by providing a suite of diverse opportunities for cross-sector and interdisciplinary knowledge exchange. Funds are available to support a range of activities from placements, workshops, training and skills development through to professional registration and accreditation.

Contact Dr Emma Elliott to start working together with our experts.

Discover our Facilities

The University of Edinburgh’s facilities are operated by technical experts who can guide you through the process to help you make new discoveries and translational developments. Access facilities which will help your team make new discoveries and translational developments from genotype to phenotype. Our specialist support will guide you through the journey every step of the way.

DNA assembly, sequencing and bioinformatics
Protein production
Cell free testing
Cell based testing
Organism phenotype
Expert Genotype to Phenotype facilities
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Discover the University of Edinburgh’s world-leading therapeutic expertise.
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