The University of Edinburgh is delivering ambitious solutions to understand, effectively manage and mitigate the effects of climate change.

Led by the Edinburgh Earth Initiative and The Edinburgh Climate Change Institute we are working with our partners to secure a resilient, just and climate neutral world. Within the University, our Department for Social Responsibility and Sustainability is leading our efforts to become a net-zero institution by 2040.

We work to find and implement place-based climate solutions, such as reducing emissions, building resilience and promoting equality and justice to tackle the climate emergency.

Key areas of expertise

Climate Change

The Edinburgh Climate Change Institute is the leading climate change hub for Scotland and beyond, hosted by the University of Edinburgh. The Institute delivers ground-breaking projects and kick-starts new ideas, including the Low Carbon Innovation project, which supported more than 200 new enterprises. The Institute also initiated and launched Scotland’s first low carbon business incubator.

Climate Emergency Collaboration

The Climate Emergency Collaboration Challenge is building capacity for zero and low carbon innovation in construction and the built environment. ECCI is leading the collaboration between the University of Edinburgh and industry partners to drive forward improvements in construction delivery and building performance outcomes. Funded by the Scottish Funding Council.

Global Change

The Global Change Research Institute is a grouping of over 200 researchers whose overarching mission is to understand past, present and future changes in the Earth system, and to inform mitigation strategies for future change.

Atmospheric Chemistry and Climate of the Anthropocene

The Atmospheric Chemistry and Climate of the Anthropocene research group investigates key processes and drivers in the atmosphere and climate system, and predicts present-day and future changes in climate, atmospheric composition and air quality.

Numerical-modelling of ice-sheet and glacier melting

Our numerical-modelling researchers have been working with organisations such as the European Space Agency and the British Antarctic Survey on observing and projecting contributions from polar ice sheets and glaciers to rising sea levels.

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Charlotte Lee-Woolf

Business Development Manager
Social Responsibility and Sustainability