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OCC Launch

OCC Launch invests in pre-seed companies associated with the University of Edinburgh to help founders explore, experiment and build traction.

Investing at the earliest stages can act as a catalyst, building confidence for our entrepreneurs and investment partners.

OCC Launch helps founders navigate pre-seed investment challenges such as validation of the technology, proof of concept, product-market fit or to access matched funding. We also fund key experiments that support founders to pivot or rethink the idea quickly. All OCC Launch investment terms are designed to be accessible and tailored to support founders at the early stages of their journey.


Launch 20 invests at the earliest pre-seed stage, making £20k investments to help companies experiment and validate their idea. Typically, this funds a discrete work package that drives the company's proposition forward. This is often in feasibility testing, prototype development or customer engagement.

Application calls for Launch 20 investment will be open twice a year.

For more details and information, including how to apply click here.


OCC Launch invests £50k to help companies leverage pre-seed funding. To qualify, companies must be seeking investment to:

  • fund a specific work package (technical or commercial);
  • match-fund (and thus, unlock) dilutive co-investment and/or a non-dilutive grant; and
  • deliver a significant value inflexion point.

If you would like to apply for Launch 50, please contact the investment team.

If you'd like to receive more information about OCC Launch, including eligibility and assessment criteria, please contact our team.

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We invest in companies from pre-seed to Series A stages, to accelerate the journey of startups and spinouts looking to make a positive impact on people and our planet.