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OCC Equity

OCC Equity holds founding shares taken by the University of Edinburgh.

Holistic support

The University of Edinburgh takes founding shares in some of its companies, usually as part of a spinout licence agreement. These shareholdings are managed as part of OCC Equity.

OCC Equity does not typically make investments, but brings the diversity of UoE's founding shareholdings together in a portfolio managed by the OCC team. The team manages these positions together with shareholdings received for investment, to ensure a holistic approach that best supports companies, while maintaining rigorous governance.

OCC Holdings Ltd

UoE founding shares are typically held by OCC Holdings Ltd (previously called the Edinburgh Technology Fund Ltd/ETF), as a nominee on behalf of the University.

OCC Holdings is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the University, though its distinct legal form provides a degree of autonomy. The University remains the beneficial owner of all founding shares.

If you'd like to receive more information about OCC Equity, including how the University manages its founding equity positions, please contact our team

Our initiatives

We invest in companies from pre-seed to Series A stages, to accelerate the journey of startups and spinouts looking to make a positive impact on people and our planet.