Events, workshops and webinars

We work to increase opportunities for companies to interact with researchers from the University – a conversation can often spark new innovative ideas.

Throughout the year we organise a wide range of workshops, events and activities for companies can find out more about the latest research from the University. We also run a busy calendar of events for University of Edinburgh students and staff.

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Accelerate with Edinburgh Innovations

Watch a recording of our Strategic Partnerships launch from 13 January 2022.

Hear from Dr Andrea Taylor our Head of Strategic Partnerships team alongside our three new international advisors, Dr Bruce Conway, Mr Colin Foster and Dr Andrew Powell. Together, our team outline how Edinburgh Innovations can kickstart partnerships of scale around shared ambitions and visions. Learn how we will bring together the best blend of expertise to make our partners’ visions reality.

Our Innovation Engines can go further and faster, crossing boundaries to make ideas work for a better world.