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The Digital Frontiers Showcase 2023

24 May 2023

The Digital Frontiers Showcase celebrates the fact that 2023 marks the sixtieth anniversary of Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence activities at the University of Edinburgh.

The showcase consisted of talks and panel discussions with the University’s world leading experts in data science and digital technologies including AI, Quantum Computing, robotics and novel chip architecture.

The programme provided a realistic roadmap for some of the profound long-term impacts that the research that is pushing the boundaries may bring for businesses and society. It also covered some of the novel solutions and capabilities that will be deployed in the near term to transform our approaches to the climate crisis and fundamental challenges in health and healthcare.

Here are the highlights of the day!

Plenary Introduction - How the University of Edinburgh is shaping the future of Digital Frontiers
Introduction by Prof Michael Rovatsos, Personal Chair of Artificial Intelligence and Director of The Bayes Centre.

Panel 1: Which new technologies are pushing the boundaries?
Chair: Prof. Michael Rovatsos, Personal Chair of Artificial Intelligence and Director of The Bayes Centre. Panellists: Mirella Lapata, Professor of Natural Language Processing in the School of Informatics; Elham Kashefi, Professor of Quantum Computing in the School of Informatics; and Adam Stokes, Professor and Chair of Bioinspired Engineering in The School of Engineering.

Panel 2: How will new technologies shape our health?
Chair: Miguel Bernabeu, Personal Chair in Computational Medicine in the Usher Institute. Panellists: Dr. Diego Oyarzun, Reader in Computational Biology in the School of Informatics and the School of Biological Sciences; Dr. Kathrin Cresswell, Senior Lecturer at the Usher Institute; and Prof. Kia Nazarpour, Personal Chair of Digital Health in the School of Informatics.

Lightning talks: Smart Cities
Prof. Sean Smith, Chair of Future Construction in the School of Engineering.

Lightning talks: Data and Digitalisation for Net Zero
Dr Desen Kirli, Elizabeth Georgeson Fellow of Data and Digitalisation in Energy Systems in the School of Engineering

Lightning talks: Energy Efficient AI
Dr Alex Serb, Reader in Unconventional AI Hardware Technologies in the School of Engineering

Lightning talks: Using digital data to drive effective decision support in land use and management for climate
Dr Mathew Williams, Personal Chair in Global Change Ecology in the School of Geosciences