The University of Edinburgh is delivering ambitious solutions to understand, effectively manage and mitigate the effects of climate change.

Our Energy@Edinburgh team are working closely with Industry to meet our Net Zero targets. Energy@Edinburgh is an interconnected community of 200 researchers across different Schools in the University, aligned with Industry in recognising that “energy systems and technologies are social as well as technical”. Our research aligns with the Energy Trilemma and feeds into the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

In order to meet the social and technical challenges, we collaborate closely across a number of highly connected research themes, which also involve working closing with external partners from industry, local and national government, communities, regulatory and trade bodies, as well as other university partners, all at a national and international level.

Energy@Edinburgh’s vision is to galvanise the multi-disciplinary energy expertise at the University of Edinburgh along with industrial partners, local and global, to address climate change and decarbonisation by providing access to clean, affordable, secure and sustainable sources of energy.

Key areas of expertise



FASTBLADE is the world’s first test facility that uses regenerative hydraulic technology to offer high-quality, low-cost fatigue testing of tidal blades and other composites structures for research and product development. The innovative structural composites research facility has been developed specifically for cost-effective, accelerated testing of stiff and slender composite and metal structures, such as tidal turbine blades, composite bridge sections and carbon fibre aircraft wing boxes. The facility will be the first of its kind in the world and will use a Digital Displacement® regenerative hydraulic actuation system to reduce the energy requirements of fatigue testing.

FloWave Ocean Energy Research Facility

Conceived for cutting edge academic research into wave and tidal current interactions, The FloWave Ocean Energy Research Facility is also an amazing tool for commercial developers to ensure their technologies and projects perform 'right first time' and are de-risked as much as practical before cutting steel or going offshore.


The Edinburgh Earth Initiative is The University of Edinburgh’s response to the climate crisis. Drawing on strengths from across the University and working with our global partners, we will deliver ambitious solutions for a future that effectively manages and mitigates the effects of climate change.

The Edinburgh Earth Initiative is The University of Edinburgh’s core themes are:

  • Sustainable lands and seas
  • Health in a warming world
  • The future of energy
  • Just transitions

Research Programmes

IDCORE offers companies the chance to host a dedicated EngD research engineer for a three-year in-depth project of your choice to address technical challenges and deliver impact in the offshore renewable energy sector.

With the Energy theme focusing on how do we transition to an affordable, reliable, and sustainable energy supply for everyone on the planet?

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Andrew Aveyard

Business Development Lead for Energy