IDCORE renewable energy research secondments

Project contact
Andrew Aveyard
Business Development Lead for Energy Andrew had over 10 years' experience as a Director, Project Manager, Business Development Manager and Team Leader in the Energy sector before joining the University of Edinburgh. He is currently the primary point of contact for Energy related research and commercial engagement at the University of Edinburgh. Projects he is involved in cover a spectrum of research across hydrogen, wave and tidal energy, offshore wind, energy network system integration, net zero, carbon accounting and social acceptability.

IDCORE provides companies in the offshore energy industry with access to world-leading academic expertise, addresses important technical challenges and helps nurture the next generation of industry leaders in offshore renewable energy

A bespoke programme

The EPSRC and NERC Industrial Centre for Doctoral Training for Offshore Renewable Energy (IDCORE) programme trains exceptional scientists and engineers working closely with industry to address future challenges and develop leading technologies that are essential to uphold the UK’s global status in the Ocean Renewable Energy (ORE) sector.

Based within the leading UK offshore energy research Universities and Institutes (the University of Edinburgh, University of Exeter, Strathclyde University and the Scottish Association for Marine Science), IDCORE researchers complete a year of focused technical and financial ORE teaching at university before being matched with a company for a sponsored research placement. Each sponsoring company proposes and directs its own research project based on its individual needs or challenges, and hosts the researcher for three years as they undertake the project.

There are now over 60 IDCORE researchers contributing to the success of the UK’s Offshore Renewables sector, either by working with their sponsoring company, or having graduated and working in the Industry, with many in prominent roles. In 2020 the success of IDCORE was recognised by the Industry and presented with the Contributions to Skills Award at the Scottish Renewables, Green Energy Awards.

Benefits for all

The prestigious IDCORE programme gives participating researchers invaluable experience of working in an industrial environment, and produces graduates with a sound understanding of the business implications of industrial research activity.

With the help of their sponsoring companies, these outstanding researchers have helped accelerate the deployment of offshore wind, wave and tidal-current technologies in order to meet the UK's ambitious offshore renewable energy targets and contribute to a more sustainable future.

Meanwhile, sponsoring companies benefit from significant leverage on their investment, gaining a competitive advantage in the ORE sector through access to cutting edge research and world-class facilities.

The level of commitment and technical calibre displayed by the IDCORE research engineers/graduates is exceptional. We could not have anticipated the contribution that IDCORE would bring to the development of services offered by JBA. The cost to JBA for each IDCORE research engineer represents superb value. Both are high calibre resources who act as integrated members of staff.

Dr Mark Lawless, IDCORE Industrial Supervisor JBA Consulting

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