Sustainability and Circular Economy Showcase 2022

16 June 2022

The Sustainability and Circular Economy Showcase highlighted the University of Edinburgh’s world-class expertise.

Keynote speakers presented the latest research from across the Schools of Engineering, Chemistry, Biological Sciences and the Business School. Here are the highlights of the day!

Charlotte Lee-Woolf, Business Development Manager for Social Responsibility and Sustainability.

Towards a circular plastics lifecycle
Dr Jennifer Garden, Future Leaders Fellow at the School of Chemistry.

Ocean Energy: What is it, and why are we developing it?
Mr Henry Jeffrey, Senior Lecturer at the School of Engineering.

Regulation through competition? The rise of private actors in corporate ESG (Environmental Social and Governance) regulation
Dr Afshin Mehrpouya, Chair in Accounting at the Business School.

Sustainable chemicals from designer microorganisms
Dr Stephen Wallace, Senior Lecturer and Future Leaders Fellow at the School of Biological Sciences.

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Charlotte Lee-Woolf

Business Development Manager
Social Responsibility and Sustainability

Lucy Stanfield-Jenner

Business Development Executive
Circular Economy

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