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Launch 20

The Launch 20 initiative is our earliest pre-seed investment initiative, to help companies experiment and validate their idea.

What is it?

Launch 20 will make investments of £20k into high growth potential companies and is designed to enable founders to generate early traction and demonstrate confidence in their business idea. This investment could support companies to develop their technology or prototype, validate their idea with a customer, or make initial commercial progress.

The awards will be made via an Advanced Subscription Agreement (ASA) which will see our investment convert into shares at a future equity funding round. ASAs are commonly used at the pre-seed stage because they are simple, fast and avoid the complications of priced equity funding rounds.

The full legal documentation of our template ASA (a draft offer letter and a schedule of terms and conditions) is available here.

Who can apply?

You can apply for Launch 20 funding if you are appropriately associated with the University of Edinburgh and the founder of a pre-seed company that has raised less than £250k of investment since incorporation.

You should be able to commit sufficient time to develop your business in line with the milestones in your application.

Applications for Launch 20 are currently closed, but please check back here for information on future rounds, including the submission deadline and interview dates.

Why should you apply?

The Launch 20 initiative offers a range of benefits for early-stage companies.

Successful applicants will have access to:

  • Financial support at an early but crucial stage of company development, which can be used flexibly to accelerate your company’s development.
  • Investment which will be made via a simple agreement designed to convert into equity on the terms of a future funding round.
  • The support of the Old College Capital Investment Management team who are experienced at helping fund and support early-stage companies.
  • Investor feedback as well as the expertise of Edinburgh Innovations’ advisors and business networks.
  • Increased credibility for and confidence in your business.

If you’d like to receive more information about Launch 20, please contact our team.

OCC Launch

OCC Launch invests in pre-seed companies associated with the University of Edinburgh to help founders explore, experiment and build traction.