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Ecometrica: sustainability reporting and monitoring solutions

Ecometrica Brazil Amazon Basin
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Stuart Simmons
Head of Business Development & Innovation School of GeoSciences

Ecometrica uses data from satellites and drones to monitor the health of the Earth.

From one employee in 2008, the former University of Edinburgh startup now has around 40 staff and is listed among Europe’s fastest-growing companies.

Over the past eight years, Ecometrica has worked closely with the School of GeoSciences on a number of land use mapping and earth observation projects.

The company has established a global network of Earth Observation Labs (EO Labs) at the University to support the development and use of models and tools for Earth Observation.

The EO Lab partnership emerged out of the UK Space Agency funded ‘International Partnerships Space Programme’ (IPSP), aiming to develop international partnerships that matched UK expertise in space technology with emerging economies.

Ecometrica worked with the University, along with other UK partners, to collaborate with leading organisations in Mexico and Brazil on the Earth Observation of Forests and related aspects of forest monitoring, resource management, planning and policymaking.

The Ecometrica Platform has emerged as a key tool in global efforts to understand and predict environmental impacts, collates vast amounts of satellite data and allows users to input their own information gathered on the ground to build and share detailed interactive maps illustrating complex and changing situations.

An agreement signed earlier this year, involving NASA and the UK Space Agency, has already seen the Ecometrica Platform deployed at the School of GeoSciences in a joint project with the Universities of Maryland and Leicester to explore the collaborative use of Lidar technology and earth observation data assets, ahead of the launch of NASA’s Lidar mission on the International Space Station.

The international reach of the University of Edinburgh will open up new and exciting research possibilities, and help to position the Ecometrica Platform as the world’s de facto geospatial mapping software.

Gary Davis, CEO Ecometrica

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Image credit: ESA - Brazil's Amazon basin.

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