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Spinout companies

Edinburgh Innovations helps staff and students from the University of Edinburgh take their ideas from concept to real-world impact, and ensures that the commercial potential of new ideas, research and inventions can be fully realised. Our work includes the validation, protection, development and commercialisation of inventions and intellectual property across the University. A key role is supporting entrepreneurial staff and students, including facilitating the creation of startup and spinout companies.

The University of Edinburgh has launched more than 500 startup and spinout companies since our first spinout, Reynolds Medical Ltd, was formed in 1967 to commercialise a portable heart monitor. In our latest full year (2018-19) Edinburgh Innovations helped launch 68 companies, including 14 founded by University staff.

Our entrepreneurs have an enviable record of success and company longevity. A recent survey of high-growth opportunities by Beauhurst, a data provider for investors, found Edinburgh to be the leading university in Scotland for spinouts – companies based on University research. Of spinouts created since 2010, 85% are still trading – a far higher survival rate than the UK average.

Our startups and spinouts regularly attract investment from leading venture funds. This includes investment from Old College Capital, the University’s in house venture capital fund. In the current financial year, our client companies have attracted a record £35 million to date.

Portfolio of spinout companies


Invizius is addressing the side effects of dialysis and other extra-corporeal treatments using its proprietary H-Guard™ biotechnology.


Carbogenics has developed a low carbon technology to convert difficult-to-recycle and low-value waste into a range of high-value products. Its first product CreChar is an additive for anaerobic digestion capable of increasing the output of biogas plants by at least 15%.

Particle Analytics

Particle Analytics has developed technology for advanced visualisation and analysis of industrial particle simulations, particularly in identifying potential erosion failures through fine grained analysis.


Skoogmusic creates and sells easy-to-play musical instruments, for use at home, schools or in special education.


PureLifi is the pioneer and market leader of LiFi —high-speed, networked, wireless, bidirectional and mobile communication using light instead of radio.

DestiNA Genomics

DestiNA Genomics is pioneering ground-breaking miRNA chemistry technology for use in diagnostic and research applications.


Sofant is developing smart antenna™ technology which dramatically reduces the cost of producing and operating wireless network equipment while improving performance, simplifying design and reducing power consumption.

Blackford Analysis

Blackford Analysis works with leading hospitals, radiology groups, imaging centres, and technology providers to deliver imaging applications and AI that add clinical value.


Carbomap measure and map the world’s forest carbon using remote sensing methodologies for organisations ranging from government agencies to NGO’s and research institutes.


Development of novel cancer therapies to increase the body’s immune defence against tumours with a £3.2 million investment from Epidarex Capital and Scottish Enterprise. 


Position triangulation using a mobile device with no additional infrastructure, in areas where GPS satellite signals are weak or blocked, such as indoors or in dense urban areas. Tencet is a customer.

Speak Unique

Personalised synthetic voices for use in communication aids by individuals who have lost or will lose the ability to speak using the individual’s own voice or blended recordings matching characteristics.


Development of a scalable plant to store energy as heat using low-cost ceramic materials, which can rapidly respond to grid requirements.

Reoptimise Systems

Optimization of wind, tidal and hydro energy generators using machine learning combined with accurate component models to realize typical gains of 6% additional energy yield.

Qurorate Technology

QSpeech enables recorded speech to be transcribed automatically, and made searchable using automatically generated keywords.

Pheno Therapeutics

Development of new therapies for Multiple Sclerosis. Ground breaking research aims to identify remyelinating agents that enhance the repair of damaged myelin sheaths in MS patients.


Neurocentrx is developing an improved anti-depressant. This new formulation of Ketamine is quicker acting than alternatives and the gel-like formulation inhibits drug abuse.


A complete surgical training solution: laparoscopic simulators, an online curriculum, automated performance metrics, personalised feedback and user data for trainee monitoring.

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