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Studentships, secondments and internships

Students from the University of Edinburgh are among the most highly sought-after in the UK.


We work closely with partners across a range of collaborative projects, both nationally and internationally, which often involves the recruitment of highly sought-after postgraduate students at the University of Edinburgh through studentship projects.

Organisations can sponsor a talented research student to work on a project of strategic importance. Studentships are usually funded by a company or jointly funded with a research council and can bring innovation and new thinking to a company challenge.

Mentored by academic staff from the University’s world-leading research base, these student-led projects are a unique way of tapping into not only our research expertise and facilities but also the fresh thinking from the next generation of researchers.


Secondments and internships

Companies and organisations can benefit from knowledge transfer from the University, through employee secondments to the University’s research groups or a part-time placement of academic staff or a student to a company to deliver specific expertise for an innovation project.

Potential benefits include product or process improvement, the creation of new techniques, helping to solve design issues, data mapping and data analysis work. A project can be undertaken in either direction: outward, with a University researcher visiting a stakeholder, or inward, with University staff hosting a visitor from industry, a policy-making body or other stakeholders. Exchanges can be for any period from weeks to months depending on the nature of the project and company requirements.



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