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Embracing Innovation in South East Asia

Andrew Powell, Senior International Industry Advisor
27 Mar 2023

Innovation is the word on the lips of most corporate and government leaders around the world and in SE Asia it is no different. Governments throughout the region are encouraging companies of all sizes to embrace innovation in several ways e.g., providing various kinds of support from grants, tax breaks on research investments; supporting human capital development and knowledge and information infrastructure; encouraging capital allocation to invest in innovation; supporting external partnering; and reducing regulatory barriers to innovative companies.

Companies across SE Asia are responding by building their own in-house capacities for R&D and some are establishing venture funds to invest in start-ups and early-stage companies. Edinburgh Innovations, the commercialisation service of the University of Edinburgh, is well placed to support both of these strategies.

Edinburgh University researchers have been solving problems for 400 years and the University is ranked No 5 in the world for industry, innovation and infrastructure. We are now forging new partnerships within industry and academia to stretch our research into the most relevant areas, innovate and quicken the application of solutions to the world’s biggest challenges – particularly sustainability. The University is now ranked No 1 in the UK for Sustainability and No 4 in the world.

We have deep expertise and strengths in AI, ML, big data and analytics, quantum computing, robotics, fintech, energy, biomedical sciences and healthtech, industrial biotechnology, agri-food tech, energy, climate research, and the circular and green economy. We are particularly keen to support the sustainability initiatives across region.

Edinburgh Innovations will be in the region until 31 March, starting in Thailand, then Singapore 25-28, and Manila 29-31. We look forward to conversations to advance the innovation agenda in the region.

Already engaged with some of the leading conglomerates, our visit will build more R&D programs to co-develop intellectual property from an early stage; introduce the vibrant start-up community generated by University students and staff to the venture funds of the region; and pursue research programs with the academic communities of the region.

For further information, please contact me directly or visit at our Strategic Partnerships webpage