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Building strategic partnerships with shared ambition in South East Asia

20 Mar 2023

The team is in South East Asia this week and next. Dr Andrea Taylor, Head of Strategic Partnerships at Edinburgh Innovations, explains their plans and how to get in touch...

The economic rise of the SE Asia region is inspirational and educational to us here at Edinburgh Innovations, the University of Edinburgh’s commercialisation service. With our shared focus on entrepreneurial culture, a thirst for driving innovation and our strengths in sustainability and artificial intelligence, we certainly have a lot in common and a lot to build from.

It is with this shared ambition and energy the Strategic Partnerships Team of Edinburgh Innovations is visiting Thailand, Singapore, and The Philippines over the next two weeks.

We will be visiting a range of major conglomerates, businesses and stakeholders across the region developing relationships and making new introductions – with data and sustainability as the key focal points of our discussions.

As a world-leading University, we have an ambitious agenda for tomorrow’s world. We do this by applying new research in new ways, solving new problems and helping make the world a better place.

We will be nurturing partnerships across data driven innovation and digitisation where Edinburgh’s position as the top computing and informatics centre in the UK, and one of the largest clusters in Europe offers partners exciting opportunities. As home to the UK’s national high performance computing system, the UK’s longest established for AI and the largest quantum software group, our data research pedigree is world class.

In addition, we are the UK’s top university for sustainability and 4th globally (QS World rankings 2023) and will be showcasing Edinburgh’s considerable expertise and strengths in industrial biotechnology, agri-food tech, energy, climate research, and the circular and green economy. There is a clear partnership opportunity here as global conglomerates in SE Asia continue to drive innovation around a green agenda.

We are delighted that Ondrej Masek, Chair of Net Zero Emission Technologies, will be part of our in-market program. Ondrej works within the UK Biochar Research Centre at Edinburgh University, a world class facility pioneering its use as a viable negative emissions technology for mitigating human- induced climate change.

We will also be joined by our in market international advisor Dr Andrew Powell who is based in Singapore but networked across the region. Andrew, as a critical in-market presence, is a key demonstration of commitment by the University to the region.

We will be in Bangkok 22nd-24th, Singapore 25th-28th and Manila 29th-31st March and would welcome further in-person conversations. For further information, please look at our website or contact me directly and we will be delighted to discuss how we can work with you to develop a strategic partnership with the University of Edinburgh.

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Dr Andrea Taylor

Interim CEO, Director of Strategic Partnerships.