How Old College Capital works

If you are actively raising an investment round of between £500,000 and £2.5m, have started to engage with potential lead investors and would like the University to support your venture, we encourage you to contact OCC.

This is generally best done via your advisor in the EI staff or student teams, who can help introduce you to the investment team. Alternatively, we have fortnightly office hours that you can drop into for an informal chat, or email us at

Our Investment Process

Our investment process starts with us getting to know you and your business and how we might be able to help. If OCC has capacity to consider investing, our process generally involves three key decision points:

  • Eligibility checks (performed by the investment team)
  • Authority to proceed to Investment Committee (given by OCC’s general partner board)
  • Investment Committee decision

Decisions to invest are guided by the following criteria:

Eligibility criteria

  • Appropriate association with University of Edinburgh
  • Appropriate professional lead investment partner in place
  • Funding round within OCC's typical range*
  • Detailed business plan provided

*OCC Range

  • OCC typically invests between 10% and 30% of the total being raised
  • Initial investments average £150,000
  • Follow-on investements average £250,000

Assessment criteria

  • Company stage
  • Sector and portfolio fit
  • Management team
  • Product/service offering
  • Market analysis
  • Technology
  • Technology protection
  • Strategic and operational plan
  • Exit/liquidity event
  • Risk management
  • Valuation
  • Responsible investment
  • Due-diligence checks

Investment offers

If we make an offer, this will be to invest on the same terms as those set by your lead investor. We will also seek modest investor rights in line with the company’s stage and market practice. Typically these include pre-emption rights, information rights and (limited) consent matters. OCC does not charge an arrangement fee or ongoing monitoring fees but, in line with normal market practice, expects the investee company to pay any external legal costs incurred by OCC. We look to keep such fees to a minimum, and estimates are always provided in advance.

Regrettably, we cannot always invest, particularly in periods of high demand for OCC’s capital. In such instances, the investment team will provide constructive feedback and look wherever possible to support you on your broader investment journey alongside your EI advisors.


Following the completion of transactions, the investment team continue to support our portfolio companies. We endeavour to be a responsible and responsive investor/shareholder, and look wherever possible to help leverage the expertise and networks of UoE alumni, portfolio companies, co-investment partners and our ecosystem.

We review monthly management information and commercial updates and often look to appoint a non-executive director and/or observer to the board.

Header image: HRAUN via GettyImages.