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OSCAR™ gene expression system

This gene amplification system has the potential to simplify the method of protein production in cultured mammalian cells.



  • Biomanufacturing – therapeutic proteins in cultured mammalian cells
  • Diagnostics – production of non-therapeutic proteins
  • Research Tools – gene amplification kit
  • Transgenics – over-expression of proteins in transgenic and therapeutic stem cell applications


Access to the ‘OSCAR™ gene expression system’ technical datasheet will be provided following acceptance of the University’s Open Technology standard terms and condition. This will contain additional technical information about:

  • Structure of HPRT mini-genes;
  • Protocols for preparation of HAT Medium and isolation of CHO-S HPRT-deficient cells;
  • OSCAR™ system protocols for: CaPO4 DNA transformation; adherent CHO-K1 cells; electroporation of CHO-S cells; CaPO4 transformation of CHO-S cells;
  • Efficiency of generating high expressing clones for hGH, humanised antibody and Factor VIII; and
  • Stability data for individual humanised antibody clones and Factor VIII clones.

View OSCAR™ Gene Expression System Information Pack and FAQs.


OSCAR™ is a gene amplification system with the potential to simplify the method of protein production in cultured mammalian cells. The system is simpler and quicker to use and has already been used to produce high yields of a hormone and an antibody, at levels that outperform commercial systems.

Gene amplification systems routinely require multiple rounds of amplification to achieve highest protein production levels in addition to specialised media and toxic chemicals.

The OSCAR ™ system produces high levels of protein in cultured CHO cells in a single step. These protein levels are at least 9-fold higher compared with protein levels seen with the two systems currently used by industry. In addition, this increase in protein expression is achieved in a shorter time period and without the requirement of specialised culture medium or high levels of toxic chemicals.

OSCAR™ has been successfully used to generate transgenic mice with amplified genes offering the potential to develop over-expression of therapeutic proteins in transgenic and therapeutic stem cell application.


  • High yield of protein
  • Rapid selection of high expressing clones
  • Simple selection and amplification in a single step
  • No requirements for specialised media
  • Effective in Embryonic Stem Cells


  • A one-step gene amplification system for use in cultured mammalian cells and transgenic animals, Melton et al. Transgenic Research, 2001, 10:133-142
  • International Patent Application PCT/GB00/04959

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