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Case-Based Reasoning Software

This Case-Based Reasoning (CBR) Shell is an effective software tool for guiding diagnosis and fault finding in present instances by identifying patterns and knowledge implicit in historic information databases.



  • Visualisation, analysis and manipulation of correlation of large datasets including microarrays, sequencing, protein interaction and metabolic pathways
  • Rendering and animation of metabolic and signalling pathways
  • Any applications requiring correlation analysis of large data sets or network visualisation


The CBR Applet 1.1 software is made available free-of-charge under a GNU General Public License Open Source software licence.

Case Based Reasoning Software terms and conditions.


Case-Based Reasoning (CBR) is based on the intuition that information gained from previous experiences (cases or instances) can be an important tool to provide solutions for, and enhance processes related to, the problem at hand, therefore helping improve outcomes and save valuable resource.

However, large volumes of information can make it a complex task to gain useful insight from historic datasets. Common instances include helpdesk situations and diagnosis systems.

CBR is an effective tool to gain useful information in such circumstances and is one of the most successfully applied Artificial Intelligence technologies of recent years.

The University of Edinburgh JAVA-implemented CBR Shell has been developed and refined over time to provide an effective software tool. This includes an advanced performance optimization module, based on a genetic algorithm, which enhances accuracy and quality of results.

The CBR Shell can be utilised with common operating systems such as Microsoft Windows XP and Windows 7.


  • K nearest neighbour and threshold retrieval – vary decision making according to problem and data at hand
  • Multiple diagnostic algorithms – a flexible approach to decision making
  • Genetic algorithm weight learning – tune decision making to optimize performance
  • Cross‐platform implementation



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