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About Old College Capital

About us

OCC invests on behalf of the University of Edinburgh. We aim to responsibly support UoE research, staff and students through venture investment activity and achieve commercial returns to enable the fund to become evergreen.

Financial returns

Invest responsibly

Demonstrate commitment behind research staff and students

Attract further investment

Achieve exits

Impact student experience

Support employment

Assist venture strategy

Day-to-day management of the fund is undertaken by OCC’s investment management team that sits within Edinburgh Innovations, and investment decisions by the OCC Investment Committee which is made up of industry experts.

Management team

Day-to-day management of the fund is undertaken by the OCC management team, which sit within Edinburgh Innovations.

The OCC management team also manages Edinburgh Technology Fund (ETF).

Andrea Young

Fund Manager


Simon Durrant

Investment Executive


Katharine Fox

Investment Analyst



Investment committee

Investment decisions are made by a committee of industry experts.

Hamish Mair (Chair)

Catherine Martin

Ian Ritchie

Prof Simon Best

Sandy McKinnon

To find out more about OCC and how we can help please see our annual review, or contact us directly on OCC@ei.ed.ac.uk