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Old College Capital

Old College Capital (OCC) is the University of Edinburgh’s in-house venture investment fund. We aim to support the University’s research, staff and students by investing in high-growth, early stage businesses associated with the University.

Why work with us?

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We invest on behalf of the University of Edinburgh, a globally recognised brand.
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We do not charge arrangement fees, research fees or ongoing monitoring fees on invested funds.[1]
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We have a reputation as a supportive, fair and responsible investor and are used to working collaboratively with investment partners and management.
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We have strong working relationships with a wide range of investors including angel syndicates, venture capital and corporate venture capital firms.
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Any returns the fund generates are used to sustain OCC’s activities so it is able to continue to support early stage companies associated with the University.
OCC follows a co-investment model; partnering with experienced private sector investors to leverage the greatest support for companies within the University of Edinburgh ecosystem. We recognise the breadth of talent in this ecosystem and invest in early stage companies from any field.

Old College Capital has:


Committed funds

More than £40m

Partner co-investment


Average first investment

To find out more about OCC and how we can help please see our annual review, or contact us directly on OCC@ei.ed.ac.uk


[1] In line with normal market practice, OCC expects the investee company to pay OCC’s legal costs, although we are happy to obtain a capped quote for this in advance.