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Edinburgh wins at Scotland’s Life Sciences 2024

The Carbogenics team, with Professor Ed Craig second from left
15 Mar 2024

Edinburgh spinout Carbogenics and Professor Craig Ritchie were winners at Scotland’s Life Sciences awards last night, which celebrate the leading players in Scotland’s life sciences industry.

Carbogenics won the Sustainability award for their CreChar® and FilaChar® products: carbon-rich, porous materials that use natural biological processes to break down organic waste, to help stabilise the performance of anaerobic digestion plants.

The company span out of the School of Geosciences in 2016, under founder Professor Ed Craig, who also founded the Edinburgh Climate Change Initiative (ECCI).

Professor Craig Ritchie (centre) with host Jo Caulfield (left) and Cab Sec Neil Gray (right)

Professor Craig Ritchie, CEO and founder of research organisation Scottish Brain Sciences (SBS), won the Rising Star: Extraordinary Talent award. Professor Ritchie founded SBS in 2023 to provide better access to life-changing Alzheimer’s medicines through clinical trials. He is also honorary chair of Psychiatry of Ageing and Director of the Centre for Dementia Prevention at the University of Edinburgh.

Dr Andrea Taylor, CEO at Edinburgh Innovations, said:

We are proud to support the companies and academics translating world-leading life sciences research out of the University of Edinburgh, particularly in the fields of regenerative medicine, engineering biology and sustainability. Many congratulations to our winners and finalists, and we look forward to continuing to support them in making their ideas work for a better world. ”

Mr Neil Gray, Cabinet Secretary for NHS Recovery, Health and Social Care, was at the awards in Glasgow last night. He said:

Scotland's life sciences sector has achieved remarkable success, surpassing ambitious goals and thriving amidst global challenges and I’d like to congratulate all who were recognised at Scotland’s Life Sciences Awards. Through collaboration and innovation, we've strengthened our economy and enhanced our global reputation. From attracting investment to expanding exports, our impact is significant and far-reaching. "