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COP27: 12 student and staff entrepreneurs tackling the climate crisis

04 Nov 2022

At Edinburgh Innovations, our Enterprise Services team helps University staff and students take their ideas from concept to real-world impact, and ensures that the commercial potential of new ideas, research and inventions can be fully realised.

Over the 12 days of COP27 we will be highlighting 12 innovative student and staff companies that are committed to delivering solutions to the global climate crisis.

  1. Cashmere Circle
  2. Danu Robotics
  3. E.V.A. Biosystems
  4. Myriad Wind Energy Systems
  5. Social Stories Club
  6. Earth Blox
  7. REOptimize Systems
  8. Aquanzo
  9. Rhizocore Technologies
  10. Vahanomy
  11. IONATE
  12. Roslin Technologies

Student startups

Cashmere Circle

Join the conscious fashion movement

Fast fashion is damaging the environment. By consciously choosing to revive, repair and recycle your cashmere you’re supporting a growing move towards more responsible clothes ownership.

Cashmere Circle diverts unwanted cashmere from landfill and re-designs it into something unique and exciting. The revive and repair service will launder or repair garments back to their best.

Danu Robotics

Recycling matters, so recycling efficiency matters

Danu Robotics is a team of scientists and engineers working together to develop sustainable technological solutions for the benefit of the environment. Their first product is a revolutionary robotic system for the recycling and waste management industry to significantly increase recycling efficiency. It can reduce the contamination rate from the current level of 50% - 10% to below 1% while saving on operating costs ranging from 30% to 100%.

E.V.A. Biosystems

Advanced biofilters for wastewater and plastics manufacture

E.V.A Biosystems aims to produce and manufacture compatible adaptive biomaterials, capable of producing advanced biofilters for highly specific molecule binding, with the ultimate goal of developing packaging that can sense its surroundings and only degrade in landfill or seawater.

Myriad Wind Energy Systems

Next-generation high-performance wind turbines

We’ve had the same wind turbine design for decades. Is it time for something new? Myriad Wind Energy Systems offer the multirotor wind turbine, a high-performance modular system, an improvement over the current single-rotor wind turbine design. Myriad’s vision is to be at the forefront of wind energy innovation, building the next generation of wind turbines.

Social Stories Club

Gifts that make a difference

Social Stories Club creates socially conscious gift boxes that tell stories of social change in an exciting and colourful way. The sustainable gift hampers include a storybook made up of the social stories behind every product, such as candles whose profits empower disadvantaged communities.

Staff startups

Earth Blox

Earth observation software for rapid insights

Earth Blox gives busy data analysts the tools to build and run satellite image analyses in minutes. The technology enables companies to meet the increasing demand for satellite imagery project assessments and monitoring. It is a user-friendly tool to bring spatial analyses in-house to control costs and run more analyses, more often, freeing up your time to focus on more complex projects by automating repetitive analyses.

REOptimize Systems

Turbine optimisation shaped by real-world data

REOptimize Systems’ game-changing algorithm unlocks optimised performance and significant gains for wind turbine systems, finding efficiencies through machine-learning technology and identifying precise new control parameters to calibrate for exact environmental conditions. This increases annual energy production, reduces loads, and increases wind farm ROI.

Data-Driven Entrepreneurship Programme


Sustainable marine protein zero ocean required

Aquanzo is pioneering marine protein farming that does not harm the ocean’s ecosystem. They are sustainably producing a nutritious and natural ingredient for the aquafeed industry to meet the growing aquaculture industry's protein demand. Aquanzo is building a process that can produce Zooplankton, the fish’s natural and perfect feed, sustainably on land, using the latest state-of-the-art and bespoke technologies.

Rhizocore Technologies

Restoring the underground networks of forests

Rhizocore Technologies produces locally-adapted mycorrhizal fungi to enhance tree planting success. By working with native fungi, they offer a sustainable solution to accelerate woodland regeneration, improve forest productivity, and increase natural capital benefits.


Accelerating the decarbonisation of transport

Vahanomy is developing AI-driven data solutions for the EV charging infrastructure ecosystem, that will accelerate the rollout of the EV charging infrastructure and enable the decarbonisation of transport. As technologies for autonomous vehicles mature, they aim to provide services that help democratise and accelerate the adoption of Mobility as a Service.


Innovation partnership


A revolution for grid-scale power flow control

Wherever electricity is consumed, generated, or moved there is a transformer. This critical technology has not changed in over 100 years and is now unable to serve the needs of a dramatically evolving electricity network. IONATE's next-generation technology replaces transformers and removes the need for expensive additional makeshift devices, to enable the smart-grid energy transition.

Joint venture

Roslin Technologies

The science of sustainable protein

The growing global population need increased protein production with less environmental impact. Roslin Tech's induced pluripotent stem cells have the capacity meet the needs of the cultivated meat industry, where real meat is grown directly from cells. Their core product can address consumer concerns, make meat more affordable, nutritious and safe.

Making ideas work for a better world

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