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Academic consultancy

Our consultancy services give you easy access to more than 3,000 world-class academic consultants undertaking research in a wide range of disciplines.

The University of Edinburgh is host to an extensive range of expertise, facilities and services that are available to companies and other organisations on a consultancy basis as a flexible, high-value resource.

Whether you are looking to increase your competitiveness, develop new products or processes, or exploit new market opportunities, our academic consultants can provide expertise on a flexible, short- or long-term basis to help solve challenges facing private and public-sector organisations.

Edinburgh Innovations works closely with companies to identify the right expertise and facilities for every project. We work with companies across many sectors and so can identify and advise on the management and delivery of a particular project according to each organisation’s timescales and requirements.

Academic consultancy services 

Strategic planning

Strategic planning

proof of concept - consultancy services

Proof-of-concept testing of new and emerging technologies

Prototype design- consultancy services

Experimental / prototype design and development

Training - consultancy services

Customised training

Expert witness- consultancy services

Expert witnesses, and advice and opinion

Laboratory testing -consultancy services

Laboratory testing, design, development and evaluation

Assessment of existing processes - consultancy services

Assessment of existing processes

Representation on advisory boards- consultancy services

Representation on commercial scientific advisory boards and speaker engagement

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