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Inflammation research facilities

Flow cytometry and cell sorting

Houses a range of analysers and sorters, suited to a wide range of applications. These allow analysis of thousands of particles/cells per second leading to identification of multiple sub-populations. Cell sorters yield separated and purified populations of interest or single cells suitable for downstream applications, such as functional assays or genomic and transcriptomic analyses.

High content screening

Contains equipment for assay development high throughput imaging and subsequent high content data analysis. The facility is equipped with the latest kinetic (IncuCyte-Zoom) and High content (ImageXpress MicroXL) image-based screening platforms, fully integrated with plate handling robotics, barcode sample tracking and an image-analysis and informatics pipeline operating across the IGC computer cluster.


Offers a service for the sequencing analysis of thousands of single-cells or single-nuclei in transcriptomic (scRNA-seq, snRNA-seq), genomic (scATAC-seq) and other multi-omic experiments (CITE-seq, PERTURB-seq, CRISPR screens, VDJ/BCR/TCR profiling, spatial transcriptomics and others).


A fully equipped histology lab for processing and sectioning both paraffin and resin embedded cell and tissue samples. The Histology laboratory operates in both a self-service and fully assisted capacity. Dedicated staff are on-site on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and at additional times upon request, and can operate a drop off and collection service to access complimentary histology, immuno-staining and RNAscope services.

Biomolecular core

The Biomolecular Core Facility viral vector service offers off-the-shelf ready made trial aliquots of virus. Once experimental conditions have been optimised we also offer a customised bespoke tailored viral vector cloning and packaging service that can accommodate specific research needs and requirements, including a choice of fluorescent markers to compliment on site imaging capabilities, inducible gene expression, cell specific promoters, and over expression and knock-down of gene expression.


Our light-microscopy facility offers a wide range of microscopes and imaging techniques: stereo, widefield, confocal, and lightsheet microscopes. The facility offers two dedicated high-end workstations for bio-image processing and analysis.

Specialised pre-clinical imaging for in-vivo animal models of disease, Edinburgh Preclinical imaging (EPI), is a state-of-the-art facility providing in vivo, non-invasive imaging of structure and function of all organs and tissues of the body. EPI houses four imaging modalities: high-field (9.4T) magnetic resonance imaging (MRI); ultrasound; optical imaging; micro PET/CT imaging.

Specialised clinical imaging, Edinburgh Imaging (EI) delivers world-class clinical imaging outputs to meet research and diagnostic needs. Edinburgh Imaging operates two facilities with imaging equipment including MR, CT, PET and retinal scanners, with functional imaging capabilities ranging from fMRI to PET CT and Scotland’s only PET MR. Laboratories include extensive radiochemistry production facilities, as well as image analysis and data processing teams. The Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)-accredited radiochemistry production facility develops, manufactures and distributes novel radiotracers in addition to a range of clinically routine products.

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