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The UK landscape in quantum computing largely focuses on hardware development. Our roots in Computer Science make us unique in the UK ecosystem; we are the leading node for Software and Applications. We are the largest quantum software group in UK (53 researchers). Operating at the hardware-software interface our approach:

  • Realistic application development
  • Influences hardware design
  • Responds to emerging challenges
  • Hardware-agnostic intermediate models

Academic Champions:

Dr Petros Wallden

Algorithms and Applications

  • VQE for cryptanalysis
  • Improved & New VQA Algorithms
  • Quantum simulation
  • Quantum-inspired algorithms for sampling
  • Generative data with Quantum Born Machines
  • Quantum Differential Privacy

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Dr Chris Heunen


  • Distributed quantum computing
  • Mathematical foundations
  • Quantum circuit optimisation
  • Quantum protocol zoo
  • Protocol benchmarking via emulation
  • Quantum programming

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Dr Raul Garcia-Patron

Error Analysis and Verification

  • Verifiable delegated computing
  • Error characterisation and mitigation
  • Application-based benchmarking
  • Quantum advantage benchmarking
  • Quantum state certification and self-testing
  • Certification library

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Dr Myrto Arapinis


  • Quantum hardware token
  • Blind quantum computing
  • Randomness and pseudorandomness
  • Post-quantum security
  • Provable security
  • Network protocols

Dr Arapinis' research focuses on logical foundations for the automatic analysis of up-to-date electronic systems with respect to users’ security and privacy. Her work in the area of formal analysis of security is articulated around three axes: modelling protocols and their properties, developing tools and reduction results for the automatic verification of cryptographic protocols and applying the developed tools and theories to real-life systems.

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Dr Andrea Taylor

Interim CEO, Director of Strategic Partnerships.