Edinburgh Innovations has co-ordinated a successful Innovation Week hosted by Chinese airline manufacturer COMAC in Shanghai in September.

Fifteen University and EI staff travelled to China, including Professor David Robertson, Head of the College of Science & Engineering, Professor Sethu Vyjayakumar, Director of the Edinburgh Centre for Robotics, and Professor Natascha Gentz, Assistant Principal China.

Projects identified

EI worked with senior researchers to showcase the University’s expertise, and the week produced 12 potential projects for future collaboration including developing robotics for assembly, inspection and maintenance; using data science for improved feedback from sensors; and optimising component manufacture and performance.

COMAC (Commercial Airline Corporation of China), whose first airliner had its maiden flight in May 2017, approached the University of Edinburgh and Shanghai Jiao Tong University in 2016, to explore how the universities’ expertise could support the company’s ambitions.

Edinburgh Innovations designed much of the activities for the Innovation Week in September, which involved more than 300 COMAC staff. Activities included roundtables, meetings and workshops organised under various themes, and the scoping out of potential collaborative projects.

Two Memoranda of Understanding were signed during the week, and follow-up meetings are expected. The 12 project proposals are being refined with a view to taking several or all of them further.

Further coverage

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