What Old College Capital does

Old College Capital (OCC) aims to support the University’s research, staff and students by investing in high-growth, early-stage businesses associated with the University.

The Old College Capital fund looks to

Invest responsibly
Generate financial returns to reinvest
Attract further investment
Achieve exits
Assist the University of Edinburgh venture strategy
Support employment
Demonstrate commitment to University of Edinburgh research, staff and students
Impact student experience

Investing in companies

OCC primarily invests in University of Edinburgh spinouts and startups, investing in four-five new companies on average per year, and supporting our existing portfolio through the seed funding stages.

Spinout company

A new company in which the University owns founding shares in return for the exclusive licence of intellectual property (IP), support services, and/or other assets transferred to the company.

Startup Company

A new company formed by a University student or staff member who is actively engaged with the University. Any related IP will be owned by the founder (not the University) and transferred to the company. OCC can also consider spin-in opportunities, subject to capacity.

Spinin Company

A company that has approached the University for collaboration, where a University student or staff member is actively involved in the development of the company’s underlying technology or IP.

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