Multiaxial testing device

Method of and apparatus for multiaxial testing of composites on uniaxial testing machines

A new universal testing machine (UTM) device capable of applying up to five different stress components to test samples such as composite materials. The unique, yet simple and economical design allows the realization of loading scenarios mimicking authentic service conditions.


  • New materials R&D
  • Manufacturing process and quality control

Development Status

  • Prototype in demonstration
IP Status
  • Priority patent application filed

Commercial Offerings

  • Commercial licensing


Researchers at the University of Edinburgh’s School of Engineering have developed a multiaxial testing device which enables materials, in particular composites, to be tested under a range of loading and/or stress components that cannot be achieved with conventional material testing equipment. We are now seeking an equipment manufacturer as a commercialisation partner.


The additional axial loading functionality of the device is achieved through the use of a new rotational clamp design. The device remains capable of standard uniaxial and biaxial load tests, and importantly is compatible with existing testing fixtures, making it suitable for installation as part of a full UTM system or as a retrofit for existing UTM fixture housings.

The new technology provides a unique, universally compatible, highly cost effective product to extend and enhance the testing of materials in research and manufacturing environments, including in-house materials developers (new product R&D) and manufacturers (quality and process control) as well as third party service providers.


  • Range of loading/stress components that cannot be achieved with conventional material testing equipment
  • Materials can be tested to failure under complex “real-life” loading scenarios rather than relying on the extrapolation of predicted performance based on limited data collection using complex models.
  • Compatibility with existing Universal Testing Machine fixtures and housings
  • Simple economical design

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Dr Angus Stewart-Liddon

Senior Technology Transfer Manager
School of Engineering
School of Physics