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Speech Graphics

Case Study

Speech Graphics, a startup company created by two entrepreneurs at the University’s School of Informatics, is a leading lip-sync service and software provider for the global video game industry. Michael Berger, a linguist and computer scientist working in the field of speech animation, and Dr Gregor Hofer have developed a scalable technology that tackles the fastest growing challenge for the video game industry today – providing high-quality lip synchronisation for audio-driven animation.

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The Project

Modern games can include thousands of hours of recorded speech, all of which requires production of synchronised facial animation. The Speech Graphics solution analyses an input audio signal and automatically moves an animated character’s face in time with the audio. This innovation will cut the cost of video game development.

Michael and Gregor worked with Edinburgh Innovations intensively for nearly a year. Edinburgh Innovations helped them establish this successful company and achieve a SMART:SCOTLAND Innovation Grant to finance a full commercial feasibility study.

Speech Graphics has won and been shortlisted for a number software industry awards.


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