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The future of Scotland is all fun and games

Case Study
Brian Baglow

The future of Scotland is all fun and games

Brian Baglow is a writer, games designer, and founder of the Scottish Games Network, the industry body for the video games sector in Scotland.

Scottish Games Network supports Scotland’s gaming industry to connect to other sectors and regions, promoting interactive media as a transformative technology. Covering academia, business, culture and consumer issues, the Scottish Games Network is a focal point and community for the issues affecting the games industry.

Brian was awarded Connected Innovators funding through the Creative Informatics programme to undertake research into Scotland’s games sector, mapping out the companies and individuals that make up the country’s games industry, as well as current opportunities for funding, development and growth.

This research provides valuable insight into the size, the scope and the most common business practices of the games sector in Scotland. It also highlights key challenges and opportunities for the sector to engage more strategically with the wider creative industries.

‘The global games market is larger than any other entertainment or tech sector. The tools and technologies from the world of gaming are now becoming the de facto standard for so many other areas of our creative world. Thanks to support from Creative Informatics, we are now able to go out and lobby the Scottish government to support the creation of a video games industry cluster; an ecosystem including academia, large studios to solo practitioners, education, public sector and government itself. We now stand a good chance of making Scotland one of the best places in the world to make video games, with a strong and pioneering games industry’.

Brian Baglow, Founder and Director, Scottish Games Network


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