Biochemical reagents for studying plant cell wall enzymes

This unique toolbox offers researchers a range of ready-made biochemical reagents to probe plant cell-wall function and to assay microbial enzymes that digest plant polysaccharides. These tools are important in improving and developing new plant-based products and in the use of biomass for biofuels.

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Plant-based products (e.g. textiles, paper & pulp, timber, brewing, food, pharmaceuticals)

Renewable biofuel production (e.g. biomass)


Research grade reagents.


Research grade reagents are available for purchase.


Cell walls determine the quality of most plant-based products – from nutritional value to the properties of fibres for textiles, paper and bio-composites. Understanding the key enzymes and architectural polymers that affect the structure and function of plant cell walls is an active area of research in universities and for companies looking to identify new and improved plant-based products.


The Edinburgh Cell Wall Group, led by Professor Stephen Fry, has developed unique range of tools and reagents for studying plant cell walls. Many of these are radiolabelled or fluorescently labelled and can be used for development of assays and high-throughput screens for identifying and measuring plant, fungal and bacterial enzymes that target the plant cell wall.

  • unusual oligosaccharides of a range of sizes (cell wall- and starch-related)
  • phenolic compounds
  • vitamin C metabolites
  • plant cell wall polysaccharides
  • sugar nucleotides and phosphates

Reagents are supplied with full data sheets detailing activity, purity and relevant references to publications.

Review the on-line catalogue of available reagents.



  • Simplified blotting screens and assays for wall-acting enzymes
  • Sensitive and accurate quantitation, compatibility with in-situ localisation and zymography
  • Simple, quantitative assays for enzymes involved ascorbate biosynthesis and catabolism


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