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Mocean Energy

Mocean Energy generates renewable energy from ocean waves, creating green energy out of the blue. Their wave energy conversion technology is initially targeting applications in offshore power systems.

Date of First Investment: Nov 2020

Connected Energy

Connected Energy Technologies is developing renewable energy devices that make it possible for last-mile distributors and off-grid energy enterprises of all shapes and sizes to offer smart energy services.

Date of First Investment: Jun 2020


Aveni enriches and adds value to the data extracted from human conversations. Aveni Detect transforms risk monitoring in financial services, using NLP to analyse 100% customer interactions.

Date of First Investment: Apr 2020


Invizius is addressing the side effects of dialysis and other extra-corporeal treatments using its proprietary H-Guard™ biotechnology.

Date of first investment: Oct 2019


Carbogenics has developed a low carbon technology to convert difficult-to-recycle and low-value waste into a range of high-value products. Its first product CreChar is an additive for anaerobic digestion capable of increasing the output of biogas plants by at least 15%.

Date of first investment: Sep 2019


Manus has developed the NeuroMotor Pen for the diagnosis and monitoring of Parkinson’s Disease.

Date of first investment: Oct 2018

Machines with Vision

Machines with Vision’s technology provides precise and trusted location of vehicles even when GPS is unavailable.

Date of first investment: Oct 2018


Amiqus is an award-winning profit with purpose company offering remote identity verification and onboarding of staff and clients. Amiqus is trusted by businesses across the public and private sectors, and is accredited by regulatory bodies throughout the UK.

Date of first investment: Oct 2018


Pufferfish is a leader in the spherical digital displays market, designing and producing complete solutions to a global client base.

Date of first investment: Aug 2018


Brainnwave brings together the immediacy of traditional Business Intelligence (BI) with new generation analytics to deliver a visual platform aimed at C-level executives, strategists and business teams. Brainnwave calls this approach Augmented BI (ABI).

Date of first investment: Jul 2018


MiAlgae recycles the co-products from food and drink production to grow Omega-3 rich, micro-algae for use as a source of ocean-friendly omega-3 in animal and aquaculture feeds.

Date of first investment: May 2018

Auris Tech

Auris Tech specialises in the development and deployment of automatic speech recognition (ASR) solutions that specifically understand children’s read speech.

Date of first investment: Jul 2017


Krotos is a software company that develops and produces unique, innovative audio tools for the entertainment industry.

Date of first investment: Feb 2017

Greengage Lighting

Greengage is focused on improving livestock productivity and welfare while reducing operational costs in the poultry and swine industries through the provision of unique, innovative solutions to lighting and welfare sensor technology.

Date of first investment: Mar 2016

Particle analytics logo

Particle Analytics

Particle Analytics has developed technology for the preparation, visualisation and analysis of discrete element method (DEM) simulation data of particles and industrial bulk solids.

Date of first investment: Feb 2016


Skoogmusic creates and sells easy-to-play musical instruments, for use at home, schools or in special education.

Date of first investment: Sep 2015

Shot Scope

Shot Scope is developing the world’s smartest golf GPS watch with automated performance tracking and analytics platforms for iOS, Android and Desktop.

Date of first investment: Jun 2015


Sunamp heat battery technology is a market leading, space-saving and highly efficient thermal storage solution for heating and cooling in residential and commercial projects, tackling climate change through the electrification of heat.

Date of first investment: Mar 2014


PureLifi is the market leader in visible light communication (VLC), which uses the visible light spectrum, instead of radio frequencies, to enable secure, reliable and high-speed wireless data communication.

Date of first investment: Dec 2014

DestiNA Genomics

DestiNA Genomics is pioneering ground-breaking miRNA chemistry technology for use in diagnostic and research applications.

Date of first investment: Jun 2014


Sofant is developing smart antenna™ technology which reduces the cost of producing and operating wireless network equipment improving performance, simplifying design and reducing power consumption.

Date of first investment: Sep 2013

Blackford Analysis

Blackford Analysis works with leading hospitals, radiology groups, imaging centres, and technology providers to deliver imaging applications and AI that add clinical value.

Date of first investment: Sep 2012

Mobile Acuity

Mobile Acuity is the pioneer of visual search technology solutions for mobile devices, linking printed material and physical objects to digital content, social media, commerce and marketing.

Date of first investment: Dec 2011

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