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How Old College Capital Works

How do we work?

OCC invests in companies associated with the University of Edinburgh. This includes startups, spinouts and spinins, although consideration of spinin companies will be contingent upon fund capacity and the strength of association.

We follow a co-investment model, partnering with experienced private sector investors including angel syndicates, venture capital and corporate venture capital funds. We currently only invest alongside a professional lead.

Our investment process involves three key decision points:

  1. Eligibility checks
  2. General Partner provides authority to proceed to Investment Committee
  3. Investment Committee decision

Decisions to invest are guided by the following criteria:

Eligibility Criteria

1. Appropriate association to University of Edinburgh
2. Appropriate professional lead investment partner in place
3Funding round within OCC typical range
4. Detailed business plan provided

Assessment Criteria

1. Company stage 8. Technology protection 
2. Sector & portfolio fit 9. Strategic & operational plan 
3. Management team 10. Exit/liquidity event
4. Product/service offering 11. Risk management 
5. Market analysis 12. Valuation
6. Market validation 13. Responsible investment 
7. Technology 14. Due-diligence checks

OCC typically invests between 10% and 30% of the total being raised. Initial investments average £150k. OCC does not charge an arrangement fee or ongoing monitoring fees but, in line with normal market practice, expects the investee company to pay OCC’s legal costs.

On completion of transactions, OCC will continue to work with our investee companies. We review monthly management information and commercial updates and often look to appoint a non-executive director and/or observer to the board.

To find out more about OCC and how we can help please see our annual review, or contact us directly on OCC@ei.ed.ac.uk