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Expertise and facilities

The challenges businesses face today do not always fit into traditional academic disciplines, and our researchers will work together to meet your innovation needs.

Edinburgh Innovations works with companies and other organisations to identify the right expertise for each requirement. Our team actively encourages researchers from across the disciplines to combine their knowledge, expertise and resources in order to deliver results. We are experienced in working with organisations across many sectors and can help to drive collaborative projects to a successful conclusion. Find out more about the research expertise available at the University of Edinburgh applicable to today’s business sectors.

Discover the University’s world-class facilities that can support your project in Healthcare and Disease Management, Pharmaceuticals and Medical Biotechnology, Life Sciences and Biotechnology, Food and Drink, Agri-Tech, Agri-Food and Plant Biology.

Expertise at the University of Edinburgh

Series of wind turbines


 wind turbines and solar panels

Low carbon energy

 Earth from space

Big data

Financial market analysis on smartphone and laptop


Laboratory microscope

Industrial biotechnology

A woman in a lab coat working in laboratory

Synthetic biology

Glass container filled with green plants

Food and drink

Sun shining through the crown of trees

Circular economy

Industrial worker at a manufacturing plant

Advanced manufacturing

Advanced materials

Advanced materials

Blue neurons on black background


Cargo ship at the sea

Offshore decommissioning

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