This is header text in sentence case.

  1. This is text with options for
  2. bold
  3. italics
  4. lists

hyperlinks (can open in new tab, or not)

Different styles of text:




  • Heading 2
  • Heading 3
  • Heading 4
Quote Panel
By Person
  1. This is a text block
  2. It can have a white or light blue background and top/bottom padding
  3. Sample of normal text

Sample of body text

Sample of lead text

Sample of a quote

Sample of Heading 2

Sample of Heading 3

Sample of Heading 4

3 column card

Note the difference with a 2 column card which can't have a header of sub copy

A 3 column card is not required to have a header or sub copy

This text can be bold and/or italics

Can choose background start colour as blue or green

top and bottom padding available

CTA - header is required

Subcopy is required and can only be bold and italics or normal text

Can have white or light blue background

top and bottom padding available

Expert - header is required. Light blue or white background. top and bottom padding

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