The innovation management service for the University of Edinburgh.

With partners, we explore opportunities, build ideas and deliver impact for University of Edinburgh academics and researchers.



Edinburgh Innovations supports you, as a University staff member, to work in partnership with industry for mutual benefit, and to commercialise your research and ideas.

We can help you make the right connections and identify new opportunities to boost the impact of your work, putting you in touch with trusted partners and sources of funding.

Open The BOX and Explore Opportunities

Explore opportunities. Build partnerships. Deliver impact.

The BOX (Business Opportunity Exchange) is an online platform from Edinburgh Innovations. The BOX aims to connect academics and researchers at the University of Edinburgh with the latest collaboration opportunities. Edinburgh Innovations is proactively engaged with companies in search of academic partners and The BOX is your opportunity to explore industry opportunities for you and your students, build partnerships and deliver impact to your research.

Edinburgh Innovations Impact Week

Ever wanted to start on a journey of engaging with industry or perhaps you want to find out more about how to commercialise your research?

The Edinburgh Innovations Impact Week could provide you with some answers.  A week-long series of short, informal presentations, workshops and drop-in sessions for University staff interested in exploring how to commercialise their research and work with industry in order to create impact.

Consultancy and Business Services

Edinburgh Innovations provides comprehensive support services to University staff who wish to undertake consultancy work.

Enterprise Development

Edinburgh Innovations encourages entrepreneurship among University staff, providing expertise and practical support at every step.

Technology Transfer

Edinburgh Innovations supports staff throughout the process of identifying and protecting your intellectual property and ensuring a successful translation to market.

Events and Programmes

Edinburgh Innovations supports staff through the organisation of various events and programmes throughout the year.


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