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The challenges businesses face today do not always fit into traditional academic disciplines, and our researchers will work together to meet your innovation needs.

Edinburgh Innovations works with companies and other organisations to identify the right expertise for each requirement. Our team actively encourages researchers from across the disciplines to combine their knowledge, expertise and resources in order to deliver results. We are experienced in working with organisations across many sectors and can help to drive collaborative projects to a successful conclusion. Find out more about the research expertise available at the University of Edinburgh applicable to today’s business sectors.


An interdisciplinary approach to tackling one of the major challenges facing the world.

Low carbon energy

We can help you build low-carbon technologies with our world-class expertise in this crucial field.

Big data

Our internationally renowned data science expertise, including the UK's leading supercomputing centre, will help you turn large datasets into business-enhancing insights.

Offshore decommissioning

Ranked No 1 in the UK for engineering research, and with outstanding test facilities, we can offer a new approach to your offshore decommissioning challenges.

Industrial biotechnology

Our research, technologies and training can help your business flourish in the rapidly evolving bioeconomy.

Synthetic biology

The University of Edinburgh is a leader in synthetic and systems biology.

Food and drink

Our wide-ranging research can help you innovate with everything from novel ingredients to manufacturing processes.

Circular economy

We can help with every aspect of sustainability, from manufacturing design to organisational and consumer behaviour.

Smart manufacturing

We have a wealth of expertise in construction – from architectural theory to the design and fabrication of high-performance materials.

Advanced materials

We have a rich variety of research expertise, from materials development and testing, and identifying green alternatives to existing materials, through to the use of functional materials, and modelling and simulation to support the development of high-value materials.


Our research is focused on two of the key challenges for 21st century neuroscience: How does the human brain develop and function across the lifespan, and how can it be protected and repaired?

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