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Explore Webinars

Explore is a series of webinars which has been created to provide a platform for organisations to hear from leading researchers from the University of Edinburgh. The series will see academics from different disciplines sharing their expertise, discussing the latest advances in research and presenting cutting-edge innovations and their potential impact on future economy and businesses.

Themes we are focusing on include: Explore: Advanced manufacturing, Explore: Fintech and Explore: Science and Sustainability. 

Explore Webinars Themes 

Science and Sustainability

Date: December-January

The latest advances in science can help businesses become more sustainable and innovative, enabling firms to build resilience for survival and future growth.


Date: July-August 2020

Experts in Fintech are using data analytic capabilities and new technologies to develop a range of propositions to help businesses transform their processes and models in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Advanced Manufacturing

Date: 25 June- 9 July 2020

Advanced manufacturing has the potential to help firms recover from the Covid-19 pandemic and protect them from future risk by transforming productivity, agility and resilience.