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Online workshops and webinars


Discuss challenges with world-leading experts from the University of Edinburgh.

Explore – a series of webinars

Hear from our leading academics and learn about the latest advances in research and how they can impact your business.


Our online workshops bring academics together to provide a knowledge exchange opportunity that can create originality and innovation.

Benefits to your organisation:

  • Tailored discussions based on your challenge with tangible and actionable outcomes
  • Quick access to the latest cutting-edge research within the topic area of your interest
  • Pathways to solutions explored by experts from a variety of disciplines

How does it work?

 1. Submit your challenges

Submit challenges that you would like to discuss with our researchers. 

Once challenges are submitted, we will find the most relevant academic experts to help find innovative solutions to your challenge. 

 2. Join online workshops

As soon as we find academics who are able to offer their knowledge and expertise to support your challenge, we will organise an online workshop facilitated by our team at Edinburgh Innovations. The virtual workshop will take place at a date and time suitable to all participants.

During the workshop, you will discuss your challenges with experts from the University of Edinburgh and learn how we can help to provide any potential solutions.

  3. Start collaborating

After the initial discussion online, we will identify the next steps. If a particular project is identified, we will assess which available funding streams can support it. We will identify academics and researchers that could work on this project and we will help you submit relevant projects plans to ensure you can access funding quickly.

Explore- a series of webinars

The Explore series of webinars has been created to provide a platform for organisations to hear from leading researchers from the University of Edinburgh. The series will see academics from different disciplines sharing their expertise, discussing the latest advances in research and presenting cutting-edge innovations and their potential impact on future economy and businesses.

Themes we are focusing on include: Explore: Advanced Manufacturing, Explore: Fintech and Explore: Science and Sustainability.

Benefits to your organisation:

  • Hear from leading academics about the latest developments in their research and how this could be relevant to your organisation
  • Take part in the Q&A and ask questions directly to the academic speaker
  • Get support in accessing the relevant expertise and research projects, identifying new opportunities, building resilience and achieving growth.
  • Specific challenges can be discussed further during the workshops

How does it work?

1. Register for webinars 

Webinars will be announced on our social media channels and on our events webpage. Upcoming webinars include Explore: Science and Sustainability.

To stay up to date with the latest topics, please follow us:

Watch past webinars: 

 2. Join the webinar

Click on the link provided via email to access the webinar platform. To ensure the best conditions for all participants, we kindly ask everyone to mute their microphones. The webinar will consist of a 30-minute presentation by the academic speaker followed by a 30 minute Q&A session. You are welcome to pose any questions you might have via the chat or in person at the end of the presentation.

  3. Start collaborating

If you wish to discuss your specific challenges further or learn more about the expertise and research suitable to your business needs, register for workshops, or simply get in touch.