We are Edinburgh Innovations, the University of Edinburgh’s commercialisation service. We benefit society and the economy by helping researchers, students and industry drive innovation. We seek opportunities, we build partnerships for mutual benefit, we make the journey easy, and we add value at every stage.

Edinburgh Innovations sustainability statement

Edinburgh Innovations is committed to contributing to social responsibility and sustainability at the University of Edinburgh. This includes supporting the University’s Climate Strategy through our working practices.

We are participating in the University’s Sustainably Awards programme. We are currently working towards a Silver Office Award.

Reviewing current processes and evaluating where further sustainable practices can be put in place and following paper reduction policy and business travel procedure in order to improve resource efficiency. 

The University of Edinburgh’s Climate Strategy has committed to become zero carbon by 2040. To meet this challenge, the University of Edinburgh will reduce its carbon emissions per £ million turnover by 50% from a 2007/08 baseline, and will become a net zero carbon university by 2040.

Edinburgh Innovations recognises and endorses this goal. We commit to supporting the Climate Strategy through our operations where possible.


GEORGE BAXTER - Chief Executive Officer

After completing a BSc and a PhD in Chemistry at Glasgow University, Dr George Baxter spent 15 years in sales, marketing and business management with ICI and then AstraZeneca running a number of international businesses. George then joined the North West Development Agency in 2003 as Director of Science and Innovation. Over the next eight years, NWDA led a number of major economic development initiatives including Daresbury Science and Innovation Campus, the formation of the N8 group and the Innovation Strategy for the NW of England. He then joined Salford University as Professor of Innovation and Enterprise and subsequently Director of Research and Enterprise. George moved to the University of Nottingham to lead their Directorate of Business Engagement, merged this with the Research Support Office and led the joint operation before moving to Edinburgh Innovations in 2016.

GORDON DONALD - Chief Operating Officer

Gordon Donald is an experienced company and business development director with a 30-year record spearheading revenue growth, strategies and improved performance. Initially beginning his experience in the military, Gordon then moved onto the international oil and gas sector before venturing into the public, energy, telecoms, finance and utility sectors as a principal and managing consultant. Gordon’s past roles have also included: engineering and operations management and director for large capital programmes, before joining Edinburgh Innovations in 2016.

CHRIS COPE - Chief Financial Officer

As a qualified accountant, Chris started his career with Scottish & Newcastle, where he conducted a review of retail and wholesale businesses throughout the UK. The following 11 years were spent with multinational Schlumberger, including five years in France, in a number of Financial Controller positions. Chris then joined the management team at an Edinburgh-based SME that was acquired in a management buyout in 2010, and subsequently successfully sold. Chris has been with Edinburgh Innovations since 2016.

Aileen Appleyard

Aileen Appleyard

Head of Consultancy and Business Services

John Jeffrey

John Jeffrey

Head of Business Development, College of Science and Engineering

John Lonsdale

John Lonsdale

Head of Enterprise Services

Ian Sharp

Ian Sharp

Head of Marketing and Engagement

Andrea Taylor

Andrea Taylor

Head of Business Development, College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine

The Edinburgh Innovations story


Award-winning Smart Wheelchair developed by the University

Award-winning Smart Wheelchair developed by Paul Nisbet in the University of Edinburgh’s CALL Scotland R&D and service centre.

VLSI Vision Ltd spins out to revolutionise the digital camera industry.

Technology developed by VLSI Vision Ltd made the miniaturisation of video cameras a reality and created a wide variety of new applications for this technology, including digital cameras within mobile phones.

A joint spinout from the University of Edinburgh and Napier University develops world's smallest TV screen

The world’s smallest television screen is developed by MicroEmissive Displays Ltd, a joint spinout from the University of Edinburgh and Napier University.  

University startup Pufferfish is commissioned by Coldplay

British rock band Coldplay commissions University spherical display startup Pufferfish for their ‘Viva la Vida’ world tour.

FanDuel launches and Skoog spins out

Startup FanDuel launched and goes on to become global market leader in one-day fantasy sports. Skoogmusic Ltd is spun out to commercialise the Skoog, a ground-breaking musical instrument empowering those unable to play traditional instruments.

pureLiFi spins out

pureLiFi spun out to deliver and develop LiFi communication technology.

Two Big Ears success

Facebook acquires virtual reality audio startup Two Big Ears.

Edinburgh Innovations

Edinburgh Research & Innovation becomes Edinburgh Innovations with a new leadership, new strategic vision and new identity.

Edinburgh and South East Scotland City Region Deal

The £1.3 billion Edinburgh and South East Scotland City Region Deal is signed at the University’s newly opened Bayes Centre by Prime Minister Theresa May and First Minister Nicola Sturgeon.

The next 50 years

Edinburgh Innovations will benefit society and the economy by helping researchers, students and industry drive innovation.


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