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Six exceptional young entrepreneurs supported by Edinburgh Innovations have gained entrance to the prestigious Unlocking Ambition programme.

Alison Wood of Dream Pads Ltd, Ishani Malhotra of Carcinotech Ltd, Hamish Geddes of Lenz Ltd, Zaki Hussein of Touchlab Ltd, Ali Monjezi of Waterwhelm Ltd and Alex McVey of OGI Bio Ltd are among 40 business founders on the Scottish Government-supported programme.

Sustainability credentials

All six University of Edinburgh innovators secured places in part due to their environmentally friendly focus as well as their companies’ ability to meet the economic challenges Scotland faces as a result of Covid 19.

For example Dream Pads, created by Alison Wood, produces tailored and environmentally friendly sanitary products for women, which also help girls in Kenya stay in education.

Touchlab, the brainchild of Zaki Hussein, is developing an electronic skin to give robots a human-like sense of touch and recently won the £100,000 Higgs EDGE award for science, technology and engineering businesses.

Brand mentors

The new entrants to the programme will be able to learn from the experiences of highly accomplished brand leaders and explore new avenues for their products. Previous contributors include high-level professionals from LinkedIn, Apple and Netflix as well as successful GlobalScots.

The admission to this opportunity also includes a £25,000 development grant plus business advice, mentoring and in-kind support.

Due to Covid-19 the programme will be delivered entirely virtually, meaning that no one will be excluded from this opportunity.

Previous alumni from the course have an impressive track record for the new entrants to live up to – the organisers state that entrepreneurs participating in the first Unlocking Ambition programme have together raised over £10m in business investment, created 146 jobs and generated £3.2m in new turnover as a direct result of participation.

“Massive congratulations to all the entrepreneurs on this course who truly deserve this opportunity to build further on their success.


“Growing the innovation ecosystem in this way, providing tangible support for entrepreneurs and innovators, is vital for Scotland’s economic future.


“The admission of six of our clients to this programme highlights the sheer breadth of talent and expertise that is available to us at Edinburgh Innovations.”


Dr George Baxter, CEO, Edinburgh Innovations.

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