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You are attending a career’s fair in Edinburgh. You have arrived at the networking reception and look down into the space – you see the above scene.

How do you feel? Think of 3 emotions and insert them in the comments below. You can qualify those feelings with a short explanation if you like.


Awkward, shy, inadequate

I feel uncomfortable when at this kind of event. I don’t feel qualified enough to have anything to say to people I might meet, like the CEO of a company – what on Earth have I got to say to them? I never know what to say, I just stand around on my own for a few minutes and then go and sit at the wall and look at my phone…

Now, that example might seem a bit, well, negative!  However, it is common to feel that way.  Even the CEO of a company might feel like that.  Some people I know do enjoy networking face to face, and those people tend to have had more practice.  So thinking through these activities and coming to the workshop will get you closer to feeling more positive and enjoying the experience.  Let’s get started…