On the 26 June 2018 Edinburgh Innovations and the University of Edinburgh will be hosting AIMday Energy. A free one-day event designed to bring together companies and academics to discuss specific business challenges related to the topic of Energy in order to find pathways to solutions.

AIMday Energy is a meeting focused on identifying opportunities for innovation between companies/organisations and researchers in one hour workshops. The meeting brings new perspectives to industry challenges by matching them with multi-disciplinary research
expertise. The University of Edinburgh has a wealth of theoretical and practical knowledge available to companies involved in the Energy sector, from Low Carbon Energy sources (including wind, wave, tidal, solar, hydrogen, nuclear, and biomass) through to Oil and Gas and
offshore decommissioning. Developing, applying and delivering new technologies and materials to commercial challenges in this sector is a key strength of the University.

Companies are asked to put forward their real-life industry questions or challenges, which will be matched with specific academic expertise to form the basis of one-hour, multi-disciplinary workshop discussions in small groups.

Event Overview

  • Introduction to AIMday
  • Company workshop discussions
  • Networking
  • Idea generation
  • Opportunity to meet the Edinburgh Innovations team

Registration coming soon.